Firewood Emporda – Coal and firewood forestry work Firewood home service. Mollet de Peralada, Figueres, Alt Empordà, Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

Firewood Emporda - Coal and forest work home delivery. To buy firewood - Sale firewood of all types of wood, clearance of forest, firewood price. I'm looking for firewood. Offer firewood, charcoal and forestry, dirt moving, closure of properties, offer, price and occasion of firewood, constructions of walls, big bag firewood. Sale of all types of firewood.

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Mollet de Peralada - Figueres - Alt Empordà - Girona – Catalonia - Spain.

Firewood Emporda - Espolla used to be a business ruled by Andrés López engaged in buying and selling firewood and carrying out forestry works. By the time he retired, offers, price and occasion of firewood, his son, Alfred López, decided to give further development to the business, which is now know as Llenyes Empordà, Mollet de Perelada, Figueras, Alto Ampurdan, Gerona, Catalonia of Spain.

This business of natural resources is located in the church square in Mollet de Peralada, and offers a personalised service in accordance to the needs of its customers, who are mainly from Alt Empordà but spreading to areas in the south of France and coastal villages.

We provide firewood from olive tree, holm oak – being these the ones with a highest quality-, and ash, which is besides white oak, the most appreciated among professionals working in bakeries and pizzerias. Clearance of forest, firewall, prevenció d'incendis, neteja de jardins i finques, poda d'arbres de difícil accés, poda d'oliveres, poda d'arbres fruiters. Sale of olive trees with warranty, transport and transplantation. Recovery of forest roads, road maintenance. Closings of properties with all types of fencing, fences for animals, fences for gardens. Construction of all types of walls, retaining walls, stone walls, concrete walls. The Big Bags of firewood are a convenient and practical way to carry and store firewood.

Firewood for sale. Home delivery service
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Service of sale of firewood at home.

Sale of firewood and coal for professional and private use.

Barbecues, restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, rural houses, private clients.

We are located in Mollet de Peralada and Figueres.

We distribute firewood all over the Alt Empordà.

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